expedition 65 2016

Exploring South America from Colombia to the “end of the world”

RawHyde Expedition 65 2016

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Expedition 65 is a 2 month motorcycle expedition through South America from Colombia to the “end of the world”. Follow along as 12 intrepid riders from all walks of life head off on a true adventure through some of the most remote areas of the planet. Please consider joining our Facebook Page and follow us as we travel. Our goal is to share both our experiences and the knowledge that we gain along the way. And that process will begin months before the actual trip – as we go through the process of gathering visa’s, selecting the right gear, and equipping for the journey.

Nearly everyone who owns an “Adventure Motorcycle” has a goal of someday taking a big trip somewhere in the world because; after all “adventure bikes” are meant for travel, designed to explore, and are the ultimate tool for global adventure. However the reality of big trips is that they remain a dream for most people and the reasons for this are many, career and job restraints, family obligations, financial concerns AND the logistics can be daunting.

However – Goals are meant to be met; and dreams should be realized because at the end of our time on this earth the main regrets we’ll have will be unfulfilled dreams and the only thing required to meet goals, and fulfill dreams is a little inspiration and commitment.

Our hope is that Expedition 65 can supply inspiration to those who say “someday” and we hope you’ll follow us on our journey as we plan, equip and take off on what many folks would look at as the adventure of a lifetime.

We will freely share the information we gather and tools we learn of as we travel, and perhaps we can cement the desire to step up and “do it” for those who don’t quite know how.

Please check back often as this site will constantly be updated with information about the route, the tools and equipment we’re selecting as well as the things we’re learning.

We’re also planning a feature length movie about our journey which will chronicle the trip from start to finish and we have a special page for folks who would like to help us with this endeavor. Click here to learn more.

What created Expedition 65?

Factor one - inspiration

About 12 years ago a really awesome mini-series film about world travel by motorcycle hit the TV screens of the world called “the long way round” and it starred Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman. Ewan is probably best known for his role as young Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, but his video of motorcycling chronicled his “round the world trip” on BMW 1150 GS’s with his friend Charlie and it aired on the Bravo network on Thursday nights. I couldn’t wait for Thursday nights to come-so that I could live vicariously through the adventures of Ewan and Charlie. That movie inspired me to “someday” do something similar for myself- but to me doing something like that with only one other guy wasn’t how I’d do it… so I decided that when the time came I’d do it with a bunch of friends – not just one.

Factor two - closer connections!

Due to my involvement in the motorcycle industry where I’m best known as the owner of RawHyde Adventures, and our role as BMW’s official off road motorcycle training school I’ve regularly had the opportunity to meet people who were planning big trips. RawHyde was truly in a fledgling state when “the long way round came out” but we’ve grown a lot since then, and in the past 15 years I’ve had many students come to us to learn a bit more about handling “big bikes” in off road settings as part of their preparation for some epic trip. Many were planning “round the world” adventures, others had specific destinations in mind but all of them were following a dream of exploration “somewhere”. So - as the years have passed I’ve admittedly been envious of folks who had the time and the resource to head off on a “round the world trip” - AND this constant exposure to folks with big plans for world travel kept the idea for a big trip on my own in the forefront of my mind.

Factor three - Facing the unknown!

Something else that I’ve learned from running RawHyde Adventures for the past decade and a half is that lots of folks “dream”… but few truly follow their dreams. Of the thousands of riders that have passed through our doors at RawHyde I’ve heard the following line too many times… “I’d love to take that big trip – But? There is always a “but” and its usually related to time, business commitments, OR – the fear and uncertainties of what lurks “out there” in the world. I’ve had a lot of connection with riders who have traveled the world, and the one thing they all say is that they have had very little problems as they’ve traveled and that the people of the countries that they’ve passed through have been wonderful… but still the image of danger and hardship persists in the minds of folks who have not traveled much. I vowed that when I finally put a “big trip” together I would do everything I could to illustrate the positive side of such travel.

Factor four - a goal to involve others

Another fact I’ve learned from my time in the motorcycle industry is that most folks don’t use adventure bikes for the purpose they were built. Most of the people that buy this type of bike simply use them to go to the office, take a Sunday ride with friends etc. I’d like to change that and draw more riders toward our way of life and riding. AND I believe that with a properly executed movie about the fun and satisfaction that comes from exploring the world by bike we can achieve the goal.

Equipping for the expedition

Vehicles, Tools and Gear

Planning and executing a trip like E-65 is a daunting task. Paperwork, visa’s, Carnet’s, insurance, political stability, personal safety, trucks and motorcycle maintenance, communication, gear, supplies etc are just some of the considerations for a trip like this. Its our goal to readily share the information that we gather with folks who are interested in this type of travel and hopefully we will inspire more riders to attempt to do trips like this on their own.

meet the team


Evan Firstman

In the fall of 2009 Evan Firstman needed something…

With Reno Nevada unable to contain the eldest of his father’s three disappointments he called his sons, Evan was cosmically drawn to Jim Hyde’s Adult Theme Park aka RawHyde Adventures in Castaic, CA. Newly made over, the ill sired spawn of Hyde was now unleashed upon an unsuspecting the ADV world. Evan has shamelessly and lustfully reaped the pleasures offered and in keeping with his rightful title: Playboy of the Western World! From the jungles of Cambodia to the South African Karoo to the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, Firstman has ridden and mercilessly subjected countless innocents to horrendous renditions of the most obscure American folk songs that occupy space in his imagination.

In a recent interview he was quoted: “Man, I can not begin to tell ya how excited I am to have been invited to join Jim Hyde’s EX 65! I mean these guys he’s invited…they’re the top of the food chain…real A Listers, ya know?! I mean, they’ve all been everywhere!!! To get an opportunity to be a part of this… dudes would hack off a limb.”

He seemed to reflect for a moment and said: “Honestly, this trip is such an incredible opportunity to visit remote places and experience culturally diverse peoples that not many people get to see. You’ve definitely got to want to be there. It ain’t gonna be easy, but it’s sure gonna be fun.”

Bill Hathaway

I am excited and honored to join this intrepid group to explore 65 degrees of South America and experience the geographic and cultural adventures this trip of a lifetime will bring.

Being from Minnesota, I am the northern representative of this group and as such I usually ride long distances just to reach great riding roads. My wife, Terry, and I love to ride our 1200GS’s coast to coast and north to south. One summer we set out riding north to escape the extreme heat in the midwest. We rode to Flin Flon, Manitoba before it finally cooled off to 80 degrees. The significance (to me, and unbeknownst at the time), is that Flin Flon is at 55 degrees north, latitudinally opposite Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost E65 outpost at 55 degrees south.. a simple oddity. I do not expect 80 degrees in Ushuaia.

After riding a lot of years and miles on pavement I bought my first GS ten years ago with the intent to explore places that are hard to reach on road bikes. After surviving some hard knocks I figured there had to be a finesse-based way to handle these big adventure bikes, so in 2009 I turned to RawHyde for training. Lo and behold I was right.. even an aging guy with moderate skills can ride a big adventure bike off road.. most of the time!

Terry and I have two wonderful daughters and two beautiful granddaughters. For the past 19 years I have worked for Cummins Power Generation, a business unit of Cummins Inc. (the engine company), with the past 5 years managing military programs and the Government Sales business.

Ignatius “Buck” Liberto

I am a native of New Orleans, LA, who graduated from Tulane University in 1984 and was then commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Over the next 30 years, I commanded Infantry and Force Reconnaissance units in both the active Fleet Marine Forces and in the Marine Reserve Force; served on senior Joint Task Force and Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) staffs; and attended some of the finest military colleges in the world. I was most fortunate to finish my 30 career as a U.S. Marine Colonel with back-to-back commands: as the Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command IMA Detachment and Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Marine Forces Command; and then as Commander for the MAGTF Staff Training Program (MSTP) IMA Detachment.

Along the way I married my sweetheart Rhonda, and we have two exceptional children, Coralie (18) and Ignatius II (17).

After my third of six combat deployments, I joined the world of adventure motorcycling and quickly discovered a new brotherhood of like-minded friends who have both enriched my life and brought peace to my soul. I have had some amazing thrills and quests throughout my life, but Expedition65 is the culmination of everything that is phenomenal with this lifestyle… Dramatic distances, incredible terrain, raw landscape, challenging environment, natural beauty, and then to share this astounding experience with the finest of friends is all a dream come true. I am most humbled and honored to be part of this remarkable team (and please remember this when I ask for help to pick up my bike). As I’ve told my Marines for three decades, “*Keep Moving*” and *Semper Fidelis!*

Sterling Noren

Sterling Noren is an adventure filmmaker, founder and director of Noren Films, a digital film production company in Seattle, WA that produces award-winning media for the adventure motorcycling community and beyond. He has 25 years of experience in the film and video industry as a cameraman, editor, producer, director and writer of programs for the corporate world, the travel industry and broadcast television.

Bill Whitacre

Some people might say I’m addicted to wearing a helmet and goggles!

I’ve had the opportunity to ride these big bikes on three continents. The remote and rugged riding fuels my personal quest for adventure, but it’s the people I meet and the places I see that drives my passion.

Some of my most cherished memories are of the people I’ve met in the different remote villages and regions where I’ve travelled. When I’m not riding the big bikes, I’m always looking for the next adventure so you’ll find me exploring my other passions of backcountry snowmobiling and mountain biking.

I’m not alone in my quest for new adventures. I am grateful to have shared many incredible experiences with my wife – an experienced adventurer who shares my passion and enjoys backcountry trekking, climbing, mountain biking and Nordic skiing.

My travels have helped me realize how incredibly fortunate we are to live in such an amazing world, and allowed me to better understand the role we must play as stewards of the land. As a CEO of large agribusiness company, I know firsthand the importance of sustainability. We all must strive to utilize the Earth’s resources responsibly.

Being part of Expedition 65 gives me the opportunity to experience an adventure of a lifetime. It’s a privilege to be embarking on this journey with such a great group of explorers.

Pablo Vadillo

Pablo Vadillo, born and raised in Mendoza Argentina, I am married and have a wonderful 14 yr old daughter. I have resided in Miami, Florida for the past 30 yrs. I am the CEO/Owner of Imagik Int’l Corp. that specializes in In-Flight Entertainment Systems for Commercial & Military Aircraft.

My passion and hobbies are off-road motorcycle riding and boating. I am totally excited and looking forward to this once in a life time riding adventure tour with such a great, experienced & skillful team. I expect to experience the best life has to offer while touring through South American on motorcycle, meeting many people of different culture, visiting new places, riding different terrains, crossing rivers, camping, etc. Are we there yet!!!!! I just can’t wait….

Colin Evans

My parents in England were bikers who knew better than to let their teenage son have a motorcycle. But you don’t miss out phases in life, you just save them for later. When we moved to the USA with my job at Intel, I found the time, the space, and then RawHyde and now there’s no holding me back. I’ve ridden adventure bikes in more than a dozen countries and looking forward to exploring more on this trip from one end of South America to the other with some of my favorite people.

Jason Houle

I was born and raised on the east coast, Boston,and New Hampshire. I now reside in Phoenix Az since 1981.My dad had me on motorcycles since i was about five years old and I never looked back.I’v had all kinds of motorcycles in my life but there is nothing like the BMW GS to truly see everything you want.To this day I love riding and exploring the world on two wheels. All my vacations and any free time is usually spent on a bike of some sort. I have a twenty two year old daughter who is the love of my life and one of my best friends also,I’m married to my wife Wendi who also rides and shares the same passion for seeing the world on two wheels. So you can say we really enjoy traveling on our motorcycles and meeting new people along the way,this life that we call adventure riding has introduced us to so many nice folks that have now become some of our closest friends now. So to wrap this quick Bio up when I was invited to go on this trip to South America I was so freaking excited that I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. (I almost had a heart attack) .Everyone going on tis trip is a friend and some of the nicest guys you would ever want to spend this sort experience with. I told Jim I’m in and can’t wait to leave. This will no doubt be a trip of a life time for me and most likely spend the rest of my life trying to beat it which would not a bad thing at all – LOL

Jeff Camacho

I was born and raised in the Southern California. My parents introduced me to dirt bikes when I was a toddler. Our family vacations revolved around motorcycles. We travelled throughout California and Baja Mexico in out motorhome with all of our bike in tow. I grew up racing in the AMA District 37 Grand Prix Series, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the country on everything from Harley’s to sport and tour bikes. These days you’ll be hard pressed to find me on anything other than my 2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure. I’m the proud father of two amazing kids. Both Cash (7) and Emma (10) love the desert. The both have their own dirt bikes and quads. We spend as much time as we can in the California deserts and mountains. When I’m not spending quality time with my kids, you can find me working at my family business which is based in Pasadena, California where I do business development for our construction/project management company. I am also an instructor/tour guide for RawHyde Adventures. When I was approached about taking part in Expedition65, I thought they mistook me for someone else! This is a dream come true. The idea of riding South America with some of my closest friends is going to be a life experience that will be hard to match, but I plan to spend my whole life trying to!!!!

Scott Brady

Scott is the co-founder of Overland Journal and the founder of Expedition Portal. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents, including being expedition leader for the first American team to cross Antarctica by vehicle and the first team to drive the same vehicle on all continents. Scott has circumnavigated the globe overland three times and is the only American driver to win the Outback Challenge. He lives in Prescott, Arizona.

Chris Van Dyke

Well – how do I describe myself for something like this? Here’s what kept me out of jail in my youth: Box boy, movie theater cleaner, tire changer at Sears, Bekins Moving van-loading slave, low-man-on-totem construction laborer.

Once I grew up I became a Law Clerk then Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court and then Assistant Attorney General, Oregon and finally ended my law Career as District Attorney in Salem, Oregon. Then I got into the apparel industry and spent 17 years at Nike (started in the Legal Dept. then became GM Outdoor division, then Global Marketing Director Nike apparel, and finally Global Brand Director Hong Kong) From Nike I moved on the become the VP of Marketing and Product Development for Patagonia Clothing. I’m also a mountain climber, sailor, motorcyclist, and enjoy 4 wheeling with my wife on our expedition truck. I’ve traveled much of the world, both on the water and on land and am hugely excited to be part of Expedition 65.

Alfonse Palaima

Alfonse Palaima

As an experienced motorcyclist, traveler and journalist with a degree in photography, I have been using my two passions in the US motorcycle industry since 2003. Shooting for both print and web publications, as well as the manufacturers... red carpet premieres to mud-caked press launches. Come with me as I ride the world one country at a time! Given my father's name of Alfonse and growing up as a child of the 70s, I've become known as "Fonzie" inside the circle.

Beginning as a programmer-slash-photographer for Motorcycle.com, and climbing the ranks to become Executive Editor before selling it off to a marketing company to relax a while. I stepped away from the shackles of one publication to work for many in 2010. Now shooting for the entire industry - press introductions to catalogs - I've amassed a client list that includes Bell, Buell, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Kymco, Yamaha and Victory as well as bylines in nearly every print and online motorcycle (and ATV) publication on the newsstand or online.

This year, I'm focused on a singular journey, to reach the Southern tip of South America with the Expedition 65 team, bringing you the journey through print and social media outlets as well as this website.

Chris White

Chris White

You can't grow up on the rugged, extreme, east coast Canadian island of Newfoundland without travelling over land, sea, snow, ice or a little bit of air (for fun) and not want to explore and experience Mother Earth on some sort of machine. Transferring from town to town as a kid entrenched the traveller deep into my character which eventually landed me to homebase Costa Rica 11 years ago, where I settled long enough to meet my fiancée and build a successful digital marketing business operating from home. I yearned for bigger travel and adventure. A tour of Morocco, via BMW GS sealed my mode of transport with which to travel the world. Deciding to train with Rawhyde exposed me to a new circle of compatible, flourishing friendships through worldly adventures. I feel I am still at the starting line, compared to my peers, but how honored, thrilled and humbled I am, to be invited to once in a lifetime adventure. Reflecting on all the incredible relationships that culminate with this invitation, is beyond description. Executing a South American expedition, with such a fine array of guys of this caliber, is truly awesome. All aspects of this Moto Adventure world is exponentially exciting. This journey and these people will be hard to top. Even better, I know this expedition will generate further great experiences.

David Hostetter

David Hostetter

What an adventure--traveling the beautiful South American Continent with people that I enjoy and respect so much. This is the adventure of a lifetime for the old guy with the babyface.

I am a Southern California boy born in Ventura California. I have been riding since I was a young boy with some racing sprinkled about. I started riding dirt bikes in the Santa Clara River bottom and raced some as a youngster and road raced later in life. Like many others I made the jump to big bikes from street bikes and dirt bikes and quickly realized I needed some help. I found RawHyde and I also found my passion. I'm not as big as most nor as strong as some but my tenacity and enthusiasm for our sport drives me to continually test myself. I'm sure this expedition will offer that opportunity.

I am a retired (for now) executive with most of my career spent with large agricultural companies. My beautiful wife and I have a combined family of 5 children and soon to be 14 grandchildren. My son lived in Osorno and Punta Arenas for some time and I am anxious to see where he lived and meet the people he loved.

Charles Walton

Charles Walton

I am a General and Trauma Surgeon practicing in Henderson Nevada. I should know better than to be involved in adventure motorcycling. I am thoroughly teased (yet envied) by my colleagues for engaging such activities. However passion is passion. Adventurous life is managing risk and if you don’t take some risk, where is the reward? I have had the pleasure of being in the adventure motorcycle riding community for 10 years. In visiting Alaska, Canada, backcountry US, South America and South Africa - I have had some great adventures. I have had the pleasure of riding with many of the people on this trip and look forward to meeting the rest of this august group and experiencing another ride of a lifetime with good people (AKA bad ass motorcyclists).

I met the love of my life, Maria Feijoo, an Argentine, on a motorcycle. We have done motorcycle adventures in the US, Africa and South America. We have a lovely combined family of five children who share our passion for the outdoors.

Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert

I have been a very lucky boy.

After 33 years in southern CA, I now call east TN home.

I've been on bikes since a youngster and spent time on just about all kinds and have grown to love going on an adventure - wherever that may be. My first trip to South America a few years ago was with Colin, Jim and RawHyde following the Dakar and those two weeks flew by. Every single day was beautiful scenery, warm friendly people, and some of the best riding anywhere.

An opportunity like this one just has to take......I'm lucky that my business will probably run better with me gone.

When I first mentioned this to Julie, before I finished describing the potential trip, she interrupted and said, "oh, you HAVE to go!"

This will be my third ride in South America but the vast majority of it covering new ground. More beautiful scenery, more warm and friendly people, and some of the best riding anywhere on the planet, with some really great guys.

Yep, I'm in.

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Making a movie of the quality that we hope to achieve is both an expensive and time consuming task. Our filmmaker Sterling has made many adventure videos in his career and knows what it takes. To defray our costs of production we’re offering a “sponsorship” package that’s affordable for any adventure rider that would like to say they were part of the “launch” of Expedtion 65.

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For a donation of $299 you will receive the following:

  • You will receive a copy of the E65 DVD prior to release for the general public.
  • You’ll receive a high quality, name brand, mid-layer riding jacket that’s been embroidered with the E-65 logo and your name. The retail value of this jacket with embroidery is nearly $200. The jacket can be worn as a casual “going out” jacket… or as a layer for riding in colder weather.
  • You’ll also receive a high quality “Hoodie” sweatshirt with the official expedition graphics and “expedition sponsor” on the pocket.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the GPS track log for the entire trip plus relevant waypoints.
  • And you’ll get a limited edition “for sponsors only” poster signed by all the expeditions team members.
  • And you’ll receive some surprise artisan “Swag” collected in South America as we travel.

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The origins of ARB can be traced back to Australia’s remote Top End, circa 1975. A region of vast distances and rugged terrain, it was fast becoming a Mecca for the nation’s burgeoning 4WD community. However, the very environment that attracted 4 wheelers also wreaked havoc on their equipment – when driving in extreme conditions, only the best 4x4 accessories will do. This was the conclusion drawn by Tony Brown during his travels at the time. While Bar work back then was crude, not at all suited to overland touring, and through this experience an idea was born - high quality equipment that met the vigorous demands of 4WD owners. Upon returning to Melbourne, Tony put theory into practice via the family garage, where he sought to address the product deficiencies he’d encountered. His vision called for a combination of sound design principles and reliable raw materials… a simple solution to an endemic problem. The concept was embraced when it hit the fledgling 4x4 market, and ARB – the initials of Anthony Ronald Brown – was founded. Today, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories. We also have an international presence, with an office in the US and an export network that extends through more than 80 countries around the globe. Our philosophy, however, has never wavered from its original course – quality, reliability and practicality above all else.

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Also – if you happen to be passing through Utah and get a flat - Bret is co-owner of a company called JB tire which is a full service tire center located in Salt Lake City. If you need tires for your truck or motorhome in the Salt Lake City area make sure to stop by and see Brett.

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Quigley story

The Quigley story evolved from a mindset geared to trucks, new inventions and a sense of adventure. When you mix these ideas together, you get exciting new creations. Since the mid 1960's, Quigley has been refining its craft. First selling trucks and vans, then customizing them and beginning in 1974, building a new type of vehicle - the Quigley 4x4. A third generation family owned manufacturing and design company, Quigley has been consistently recognized for 4 wheel drive system design excellence and quality production. Located in Manchester, PA, Quigley is the oldest, largest and most successful manufacturer of high quality four-wheel-drive conversions for full sized vans and "cut-aways" in the world. The company's success is a result of its focus on the need of its customers for a go-anywhere, large load capacity, full-size van. Whether that customer is a large fleet, a small business, a government or emergency service, transportation, tourism, or an individual owner, Quigley 4x4 provides the ability to Conquer Your World. Quigley's advantages include recognition by GM, Ford and Nissan, drop ship & ship-thru services, a warranty from Quigley matching the vehicle warranty and ease of service at dealerships nationwide. The Quigley 4x4 has the load capacity, off-road qualities, and performance that puts it in a class of its own.

Capitalizing on their reputation and high quality manufacturing, Quigley branched out its offering of products to include the Custom Driveshaft design, manufacture, repair and balance to the surrounding community. The experience of building driveshafts for 4x4 production allows Quigley the advantage to produce quick turnaround Driveshafts for the Jeep, Light & Medium Duty Truck, Racing and Custom Car markets.

Quigley believes in local, as evident in their support of the surrounding community and their employees as well as a commitment to buy local from similar small business vendors and suppliers in the south central Pennsylvania area.

The Quigley guiding principles are to provide dependable, high quality manufacturing solutions which our customers are accustomed, for niche markets and to be the leading, global supplier of dependable, high quality 4x4 conversions for full sized vans and cut-aways, providing our customers the ability to "Conquer Your World".


Sena logo

Sena Communications systems for motorcyclists are rapidly becoming the gold standard in “bike to bike” communication. With several models to choose from Sena is used exclusively by both Team RawHyde and Expedition 65. One particularly interesting Sena system is the new Sena 10 C video comm. System. This unique Bluetooth helmet camera allows up to 4 riders to sync together and have their conversations recorded on the video that’s being filmed. This will make the Expedition 65 film much more “personally inclusive” as we can record our conversation while experiencing some of the more adventurous moments of the trip. Learn more about the 10C here.

Company's website: http://www.sena.com/

SCHUTT Industries

Schutt Industries logo

Schutt Industries is Americas leading manufacturer of industrial and military grade cargo handling equipment. It’s long history of engineering high-quality sophisticated solutions for the most demanding military implementation has earned Schutt Industries a prestigious brand name as the go-to source for its world-class products used by every military branch. Schutt also has a “commercial” division that has recently introduced a product line aimed at overland travel.

RawHyde Adventures is delighted to be using Schutt’s new Xventure Expedition Trailer on our South American adventure. Learn more about this innovative product for backcountry travel here: http://www.schuttindustries.com/Consumer.aspx.

Company's website: http://www.schuttindustries.com

Valley Group

Valely Group Logo

Valley GroupBased in Colombia the Valley group is a global logistics company with offices in South America and Miami. The Valley Group is owned by a RawHyde Client named Victor who happens to be a GS rider, and is very excited to be helping the Expedition 65 team. The picture shown here is of Victor as he rode the Continental Divide with us last summer. The Valley Group is handling every aspect of the shipping of our trucks and motorcycles to Colombia and back the U.S. from Chile. Expedition 65 is a complicated operation from the shipment of three container with trucks, motorcycles and gear – and managing this process from the US would be problematic without a partner like the Valley Group.

Company's website: http://wsvalleygroups.com/web/


Warn logo


Arthur and Sadie Warn started a Willy's dealership in Southpark, Washington in the 1930's, and founded Warn Industries on June 10, 1948. Warn Industries began with one man's idea for converting thousands of surplus World War II Jeeps into useful, on-road vehicles. Arthur Warn's extraordinary invention of wheel locking hubs revolutionized the automotive industry. Arthur's original idea was a bolt on-bolt off hub model, and he held numerous patents. Originally, Arthur made door to door sales in Seattle, but Sadie saw a larger market and placed ads in Popular Mechanics, which started the mail order business. With orders coming in, they were challenged to build enough hubs to meet demand. Arthur started working with Belleview Manufacturing in Portland, a small four man operation working out of a two car garage. By 1954, WARN locking hubs were offered as optional factory equipment by major domestic automotive manufacturers. The WARN winch, developed in 1959, was the first recreational winch. With pioneering features such as a rugged drive train, the WARN winch quickly became the leading brand for off-road racers, avid four wheelers, weekend adventurers and hard working ranchers. In the 1970's, Warn established its long-time relationship with Ford, with initial production of 20,000 hub sets per month for the F-Series pickups and Broncos. Thurston Warn was named President in 1968, and in the 1980's Arthur's grandsons (Michael and Daniel) became Board Members. Mike Warn was named CEO in 1984. In the 1990's Warn created the ATV/UTV winch market.

Company's website: https://www.warn.com

Yeti logo

Growing up, my brother and I always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting. Fishing. Traveling to outdoor industry trade shows with our teacher-turned-entrepreneur father. We were raised with an appreciation for wild game, unfamiliar territory, and high-quality gear. But the coolers that were out there just weren’t up to our outdoor adventures — the handles would break, the latches would snap off, and thelids would cave in. Not only was it a hassle to replace our coolers after each season, but also these cheaply built, ordinary ice chests were limiting our good times. And that frustration led us to a solution.

In 2006 we founded YETI® Coolers with a simple mission: build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. One that could take the abuse we knew we’d put it through out in the field and on the water. One that simply wouldn’t break. We decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and firsthand experience — not from market research and data analysis. And we’d never sacrifice quality for a few extra bucks.

Company's website: http://yeti.com

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